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Altipeak International™

Altipeak International™ is an Irish Based company with a global reputation to provide the best high altitude training equipment and facilities.
Through our very own CE, EN, and ISO Certified Patented Altitude Machinery we provide our customers with the world’s safest altitude training chambers! We monitor and control oxygen levels , temperature, humidity and most importantly Co2 levels The focus of Altipeak International is to provide tailor made reliable Altitude training solutions to our clients which allows Athletes and Fitness enthusiasts to achieve their goals.
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About CEO - Noel O'Brien

I am a 41 Yr old Chief Design engineer of Simulated Altitude studios worldwide.
I have for nearly a decade pioneered the commercialisation of Altitude Studio's and consistently designed and engineered my very own Commercial Altitude machinery.
My unique commercial fitness concept has been very challenging to bring to the market but over the last 10yrs it has evolved to be a very successful business. As Chief Design Engineer I have secured my very own CE EN ISO World Accreditations standards declaration of conformity for design and engineering of my simulated altitude machinery and studios, See attached certificate. As an ex professional athlete and engineer it made the transition to my innovation role a very easy process that has grown internationally with great success. As CEO and 100% full shareholder of the listed companies I have progressively built an AltipeakTMInternational worldwide business that has so much more to come.
I travel a lot around the world building new AltipeakTMpartnership's and currently have a lot of new Simulated Altitude studios setups starting in 2020 in Ireland, United Kingdom, UAE, Europe and Asia.

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