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We build altitude studios/chambers to fullfill the needs of our clients. With our customized and commercial systems, we provide the best service with affordable pricing. We can build any capacity of altitude studios/chambers that suits the client's requirements.

How to use Our Alti i1 Altitude generator

Altipeak™ International Alti i1

We are going to explore our brand new stimulated altitude machinery "Alti i1 Altitude Generator". This system is capable of producing 100 meters per minute of hypoxic air. This generator comes with three hypoxic purity set points namely 12%, 15%, and17%. If 12% is selected, the trainee will be able to experience Simulated Altitudes training similar to training at 4050 meters above sea level, whereas, If 17% is selected, the trainee will be able to experience Simulated Altitudes training similar to training at 1700 meters above sea level. It is a mask based system where you can train on a spin bike or treadmill or in the comfort of your home or in a small gym. If you are a personal trainer then you can use it for your PTs.

With this altitude generator, you will get an interval hypoxic training kit which includes altitude mask, the harness, tubing, reservoir bags which mimics your lung capacity. It has a HEPA filter for cleanliness. It is very easy to use. You have to switch on the generator, select any hypoxic purity set points, put on the altitude mask and train at altitude. This altitude generator is WIFI enabled and Alexa voice-controlled. It can also be used for sleep tents and exercise tents.

Suitable for use at home, gym or training facility, this is The Alti i1 Altitude Generator! The ideal altitude training equipment for anyone wanting to increase their performance. Altitude training equipment is known to boost performance significantly and this affordable equipment now makes it possible for anyone who is serious about their sport, even if at an amateur level, to benefit from professional standard equipment.

Our Alti i1 mask based and tent based system have the following specifications:

A Hypxic flowrate of 100 LPM
Hypoxic purity set points 12% , 15% ,17%
Simulated Altitude 1700m - 4500m
Power consumption 2.3Amps
Power supply 220v/110v
Net weight 45kgs
LCD Display Starting times,accumulated working time,and Present working time.
Alarms Power failure alarm,high and low pressure alarm