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We build altitude studios/chambers to fullfill the needs of our clients. With our customized and commercial systems, we provide the best service with affordable pricing. We can build any capacity of altitude studios/chambers that suits the client's requirements.

Altipeak ™ International Alti i6

This system can be used for a small altitude room with a volume of no more than 48m3 with up to 6 ppl cardiovascular exercising continuously for 1Hr.
Our Alti i6 Altitude system have the following specifications:

A Hypxic flowrate of 600 LPM
Hypoxic purity set points 12% , 15% ,17%
Simulated Altitude 1700m - 4500m
Power consumption 13.8 Amps
Power supply 220v/110v
Net weight 230kgs
LCD Display Starting times,accumulated working time,and Present working time.
Alarms Power failure alarm,high and low pressure alarm

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