What others say about altitude Masks and altitude Tents? and How does mask based altitude generator works?

There are many controversies about altitude masks and altitude tents. Do they really work? Let me tell you something. Until and unless a mask or a tent is connected to a hypoxic or an altitude generator, they are of no use. The Science is that at high altitudes the air is thinner, the body responds by producing more red blood cells to raise the levels of oxygen-carrying capabilities. Wearing a mask does not make the air thinner. To make the air thinner, we need a device that can make it happen. This is where the Altitude generator is used. Connecting the altitude generator with an altitude mask and altitude tent, makes it possible for the trainee to inhale thinner air which inturn increases the production of red blood cells.

What does Mo Farah think about training at altitude?

As Neil Black, UK Athletics' performance director, puts it: "Mo will do everything he can to prepare for London. That's where he gets a lot of his confidence from." All is the right word. Altitude preparation is a must, as it increases the capacity of the body to bear oxygen, making it easier.

Dennis Kimetto, Kipsang and Keitany Are from Kenna...

Kenna: At 2,400 meters (7,900 feet), the altitude makes athletics an ideal location for established middle- and long-distance racers to build their endurance and stamina.

Does David Rudisha prefer high altitude training?

"This is what I'm looking forward to," Rudisha said in Iten, a high altitude training ground for some of the world's best distance runners. "I know it's going to be tough, nothing is easy and everybody is looking for that title, but we are going to do our best."

The above athletes are from kenna and they know the importance of training at altitude. Everyone from east to west has the inspiration to win but not everyone will be able go to kenna or high altitude mountains for training. Better option is to make your home, a high altitude. Altitude mask or altitude tent connected with an altitude generator makes you breathe in thin air, so that you take the advantage of training at high altitude. Moveover, Altipeak™ International has started to manufacture large quantities of mask based altitude generators and supply them all over the world. They have made it easy for the customers to buy the mask based altitude generator with 3 clicks. To know more about our products and services, please contact us or visit our website.