Why is high altitude training beneficial to athletes?

The way of training has been changing these days. People understood that the change in oxygen level will affect the ability of their stamina. This thinking is leading them to travel to high altitude for training.

Do you know when was altitude training was recognized as an effective training?

Since the 1968 Olympic game, the effect of altitude training became an evidence of an effective training. The moderate altitude training approximately from 2000 m to 3000 m has become popular to improve to improve the stamina. When the athletes are explored to moderate altitude, they are subjected to many physiological responses include increased ventilation, increased heart rate, decreased stroke volume, reduced plasma volume, and lower maximal aerobic power ((.)Vo(2max)) by approximately 15% to 20%.

How effective is altitude training?

1) Decreased average heart rate and blood pressure.
2) Increased production and release of Human Growth Hormone.
3) Fat Metabolism Stimulation.
4) Reduced Free Radicals oxidative stress (Reactive Oxygen Species ' ROS ')

Most of the athletes will think that they must travel to high mountains and hills to get the benefits of altitude training but that’s not true. They can experience the effect of high altitude training when they still train on ground level.
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